General Info

Call for Digital Art Exhibition

Since the earliest days, the essential part of our community has been artists who use the computer as part of their creative process. In ISIMD'08, we encourage works of art created with old and new graphic methods that embody originality. These could include digital images of aesthetic quality, digital sculptures that combine graphics and traditional art forms to provoke new ideas as well as special effects, video & electronic art, broadband / online, offline / DVD, games platforms, xross-media, web sites and interactive media designs.

Application Requirements:
  • Professional-quality 35mm slide / CD (format must be defined) of the work. Slide / CD should be labeled with the artist's name, title, medium, size, and an indication of which way to view the work.
  • An artist statement and/or artist resume
  • A signed completed ISIMD 2009 application form
  • Print out an application form. Fill it in and return by fax or e-mail along with your complete submission requirements before the April 12, 2010 registration deadline.
The digital and fine arts works of exhibited material will be published in the appendix B of the symposium proceedings.