General Info

Yeditepe University

The University is located on the Asian part of Istanbul. The part of the city is called Kayisdagi. Public transport is available from the Asian city center called Kadikoy.

Important Destinations from / to the University Campus:
Atatürk International Airport 45 km.
Taksim Square (European City Center) 20 km.
Kadiköy Square (Asian City Center) 15 km.

The University offers a special price for the symposium visitors during their trip. It is possible to accomodate both in the campus and the off-campus special facilities known as Doga Club. Doga Club is located in a natural enviroment on the Black sea coast 20 kms outside the University campus.

Special Offers:
Single Room (Campus Single Room): $ 30 (no breakfast included)
Double Room (Campus Double Room): $ 15 (no breakfast included)
Single Room (Doga Club): 110 YL (approximately $ 87)
Double Room (Doga Club): 80 YL (approximately $ 64 per person)
Triple Room (Doga Club): 70 YL, breakfast included (approximately $ 56 per person)

For Doga Club to Kadikoy distance is 55 km, approximatly 45 minutes.

Offers include breakfast. Also transportation between Doga Club and The University Campus will be arranged. During the Symposium lunch will be served for our guests. For further accomodation options please feel free to visit Istanbul Hotels.

Doga Club

Registration Fee:
ISIMD does not require registration fees. Applications are free of charge. Proceedings are published both on print material and digitally on the web. The book is not sold. It is free of charge as well. Also we ship it to your postal address.

Weather in Istanbul:
Istanbul has a mild climate during autumn. The average temperature of the city in October is 14-18 C (57 - 65 F). The weather is usually sunny but light rain is common as well.