General Info

Call for Workshop

"7th International Symposium of Interactive Media Design" is calling for submissions for workshops on the applications and techniques related to Interactivity. Workshop proposals should describe a directed discussion among peers that aims to advance understanding of issues specific to the interactive media design.
  • Animated humanoid figures and complex reactive characters
  • 3D design/sculpture
  • Methods for designing, representing, interacting with and visualizing complex geometry and structure
  • Offline / DVD
  • Interaction methods for web-based graphics systems
  • 3D graphics environments and virtual worlds
  • Games Platforms
  • Conceptual design in digital world
  • Broadband / Online
  • Geometry/object behaviors in Web3D settings
  • Multimodal user interaction in virtual worlds
  • Corss - Media
Proposals for workshops should include the following components:
  • Title for the workshop
  • Name(s) and contact information for the session chair(s)
  • Description of workshop topic
  • Session length (half-day or full-day)
  • Intended audience (background and level of expertise)
  • Schedule showing a breakdown of topics and speakers
  • Biographies for all speakers
  • Required audio, visual, networking, etc. Resources
The deadline for workshop proposals is the April 12, 2010. The topics and result of workshops will be published in the appendix A of the symposium proceedings.